【Official】Shinshu Shimosuwa Onsen Gingetsu

And none in the post town Shimosuwa smell of Taisha and tapping Nakasendo and Koshu Kaido meet

Shimosuwa this facility is located
Where Shinano Kuninomiya and Suwa Taisha are settled
Post town where the Nakasendo and Koshu Kaido intersect
A famous hot spring with the legend of Kamidai"Wata-no-yu"
A place where a god who has been going and going since ancient times and created culture and history

Ryowa for the four fiscal Onbashira Festival Shimosha bumpkin accommodation

  • Notice of suspension of operation of paid Shimosha

    Regarding the paid viewing seats at Shimosha, which were scheduled for April 8th (Friday), 9th (Saturday), and 10th (Sunday), the viewing conditions were set after formulating guidelines for preventing infection with the new coronavirus. We have been making preparations for the day, such as setting up, but at the Onbashira Festival Shimosha Three District Liaison Conference (a meeting of the organization that supervises the towing), we changed the towing method of the Shimosha Onbashira Festival Yamadashi. It was announced that the tree will not be dropped.

    Due to the lack of tree dropping, the operation of the paid bleachers will be canceled due to unavoidable circumstances.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to everyone who was looking forward to the Onbashira Festival.

Nagano Prefectural Limited Shimosuwa Discount

  • Nagano Prefectural Limited Shimosuwa Discount

    Shimosuwa Discount, which is limited to Nagano citizens and offers a 3,000 yen discount per person per night, will be on sale from June 1st.(Until February 27, 4th year of Reiwa)
    "Shinshu no Yado Prefectural Support Advance Discount" and "Shinshu Discount SPECIAL" can be used together.(The discounted amount is 3,000 yen or more)
    Furthermore,Shimosuwa Town food walk ticket included!
    If you have a request, please make a reservation from "Nagano Prefectural Limited" and "Shimosuwa Discount Target plan
    ※We will give you a discount at the time of payment.
    ※It will end as soon as the number of reservations reaches the upper limit.
    ※At check-in, the accommodation representative will be required to fill out the grant consent form.
    ※We will confirm that you live in Nagano prefecture with your ID.

About new coronavirus infection spread prevention measures

  • About new coronavirus infection spread prevention measures

    We take thorough measures to prevent new coronavirus infection at this facility.
    Regarding temperature measurement, we ask our customers to cooperate with us at the time of check-in. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    Shinshu Shimosuwa Onsen Gingetsu's new coronavirus infection prevention measures are based on thorough implementation of the conditions for participating in the "Go To Travel Campaign."

    For details, click the image and see the countermeasure support page.


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Hotel Name

Shinshu Shimosuwa Onsen Gingetsu


3306 Tatsumachi, Shimosuwa Town, Suwa County, Nagano Prefecture

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10 minutes walk from JR Chuo Line Shimosuwa Station. Chuo Expressway Suwa IC towards Shimosuwa.Enter R142 and turn left after about 200 meters.
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"Tachi no kiki" map around the inn

  • Shimzu 99 minutes! , Walking towns with funny walks!

    Suwa Taisha Shimosha Akimiya area where you can explore in about one and a half hours centering on Suwa Taisha Shimosha Akimiya.
    You can enjoy townscapes full of atmosphere full of sight of the history of history there.
    Please enjoy history, delicious things, hot springs, townscapes, workshops and manufacturing experts, map hands.

    ※Check-in is from 15:00 and check-out is at 10:00. However, before check-in time and after check-out time, check your luggage and park your car so that you can take a walk around the neighborhood etc. We will accept, so please do not hesitate to offer.

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