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3 minutes walk to Suwa Taisha Shimosha Akimiya Akimiya! A 15-minute walk to Harumiya

【Complimentary parking lot】
Shimosuwa is a pleasant town to stroll around.A historic town that prospered as Monzenmachi of Suwa Taisha and as the only post town with a hot spring among the 69 stations along Nakasendo.Find your own favorites by walking around famous historic sites such as the keyhole-shaped burial mounds of Honjin, Aotsuka Tomb, and Aotsuka Tumulus, and Jiunji Temple with its beautiful moss-covered approach.If it is before check-in, we can keep your car and luggage.You can also rent a bicycle at Shimosuwa Konjakukan Oideya is a 2-minute walk away.Walking or biking around the city is recommended.
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Hotel Name

Shinshu Shimosuwa Onsen Gingetsu


3306 Tatsumachi, Shimosuwa Town, Suwa County, Nagano Prefecture

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10 minutes walk from JR Chuo Line Shimosuwa Station. Chuo Expressway Suwa IC towards Shimosuwa.Enter R142 and turn left after about 200 meters.
  • Guests arriving by car

    Take the Chuo Expressway-Nagano Expressway Okaya IC - Route 20 to Shimosuwa.
    Go straight at the four corners of Taisha-dori, enter National Route 142, and turn left after about 200 meters toward Suwa Taisha Shimosha Akimiya.As a landmark when turning, if you see the Nidek Music Box Museum "Suwanone" on the right hand side toward Suwa Taisha / Akimiya, there is a Gingetsu sign on the other side, so please turn left there.150 meters away.The parking lot (No. 1) is across the road in front of the entrance of the hotel.


    Free parking for 15 cars
  • Guests arriving by train

    Kanto area
     Shinjuku - JR Chuo-to Line (limited express 2 hours 10 minutes) - 7 minutes walk from Shimo-Suwa Station

    Kansai and Chubu Direction
     Nagoya - JR Chuo-sai Line (limited express 1 hour 50 minutes) Shiojiri - JR Chuo-to Line (local 15 minutes) - 7 minutes walk from Shimo-Suwa Station