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A number of creative dishes woven by the chief chef

Do not overbear, do not compromise, pursue seeking what you believe.Gingetsu chefs have put special emphasis on serving customers, cooking utilizing seasonal ingredients, and creative dishes using regional ingredients. As a result, I felt that I was able to have received many awards.I will continue to make efforts and devotion from now on, so thank you.

For various banquets, Day Trip plan

I will help you with making your mind come true.

"Congratulations plan (first meeting, band celebration, shrine visit, Shichi-Go-San ceremony hundred Shichi-Go-San ceremony - Shichi-Go-San ceremony, graduation celebration, adult celebration, celebration of longevity, celebration of new construction, etc.)", 5,000 yen, 6,000 yen, 7,000 yen (tax excluded)
"Legal plan", 5,000 yen·6,000 yen·¥ 7,000(tax excluded)
"Banquet plan", 8,000 yen·¥ 10,000(tax excluded), ※Venue fee etc. will be charged separately
"Children's meal", Small 2,000 yen·Medium 2,500 yen·Large 3,000 yen (tax excluded)

·Bus transfer, 10 people or more, ※Within the Suwa Region
·All-you-can-drink, 2,000 yen / 2 hours(tax excluded)
·For drawstuffs, red rice, pork and okonomiyaki ___ ___ 0
  • Gingetsu Ryokan, Kaiseki Meal

    Beautiful elegant superb cooking cuisine ....
    Dinner will be served in your room so please relax and enjoy the cuisine while relaxing with the important one.
    ※Depending on the number of people plan, you will have dinner at the restaurant.
  • Please enjoy twenty-four breath, seasonal change with cuisine

                       The hotel cherishes the transition of the four seasons every twenty-four, which the Japanese cherished since ancient times.
                       I am pleased if you can feel by offering seasonal change of changing nature.
    • Menu example, (It changes approximately every half month)

Morning rice which puts out with all my heart

What is "Magoi friendly"
Mami = beans, sesame = seeds, wakame = seaweed, and (vegetables) = vegetables, sake (fish) = fish, mushrooms (shiitake) = mushrooms, potatoes Kind
A balanced diet that incorporates.
  • Breakfast

    An important food to make everyone's healthy body.Breakfast is particularly important.
    With a friendly breakfast at your disposal, we are committed to the hospitality of having a refreshing start to the day.