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Five passions

I will show you the charm of the hotel

Part 1: Dishes, "old pride of Gingetsu was the restaurant"

  • Taisho Showa Period early Showa Period era, the restaurant serves dishes, changing the business style in Showa Period 23rd and serving as a cooking hot spring inn, the hotel is committed to cooking.
    You can enjoy the taste of Shinshu the seasonal taste of Shinshu at the finest kaiseki cuisine with your skill. Please enjoy the dishes with hearty taste from selection of ingredients to a dish.
    We will also appreciate if young service managers are also offering a wide selection of recommended local sake selected.

    ※The menu changes once every half a month according to the material of the season.

Part 2: Onsen, "Myths and Legendary Yu"

  • Shimosuwa is Upon branch of Nakasendo and Koshu Kaido with Gingetsu, the only traditional land hot spring that has been healing and the tired travelers from the hot springs is a post town long time in Nakasendo Even now it boasts a rich amount of hot water of 6000 liters per minute.This facility draws the source of “Wata-no-yu” derived from the legend of the goddess of Suwa Taisha, both in the open-air bath and in the inner bath, as in the name of "Wata" (cotton) We use in the sink. You can use the outdoor bath by charter, so please relax and enjoy with your family, couple and friends.

Part 3: Room Food, "Tradition from the Founding Time to Cherish Customer Contact"

  • Gingetsu, we value the heart of “Japanese” and sincerely treat our guests so that they can relax and relax.

    ※For those who have called meals for the children or the year, the dishes are devised.

Part 4: Breakfast, "Take out with all your heart," Maggot is easy ", dinner"

  • Breakfast

    An important food to make everyone's healthy body.Breakfast is particularly important.From such a wish, we have breakfast served "Masoro friendly"."Mamoru" is somewhat = beans, sesame = seeds, wakame = seaweed, and (vegetable) = vegetables, sake (fish) = seafood, shiitake (mushrooms) = mushrooms , It is a well - balanced diet incorporating potatoes.We honor the hospitality of having a refreshing start to the day with a friendly breakfast in the body.

Part 5: Townscape, "Townscape with Otsuka and Yodo where the Nakasendo and Koshu Kaido meet"

  • Shimosuwa is the end point of the Koshu Kaido, a town hall meeting with Nakasendo.It is also a Monzenmachi where the general headquarters of Suwa Taisha stands.Honjin also around the Gingetsu, Hatago, Chaya, such as with Banya mark, we remain heavily the taste of the former post town. As soon as you leave the hotel and walk bangle, you will also find the Aotsuka Tomb.I would like you to enjoy the walks of the old town as well as visiting one of the oldest shrines in the country, Suwa Shrine Shonosha (main shrine and Maenmu), shrine (Akitomi / Shunsuke).