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Five passions

I will show you the charm of the hotel

Part 1:Meal"Gingetsu's pride, which used to be a restaurant"

  • You will be able to enjoy the delicious flavors of the soil using ingredients grown in the climate of Shinshu, such as those from the mountains, rivers, and seasonal agricultural products.Please enjoy the dishes with hearty taste from selection of ingredients to a dish.
    We will also appreciate if young service managers are also offering a wide selection of recommended local sake selected.

    ※The menu changes once every half a month according to the material of the season.

Part 2:Hot Springs"Myth and legendary bath"

  • Shimosuwa, where the Gingetsu is located, is located at the confluence of the Nakasendo and Koshu Kaido, and is the only hot spring inn on the Nakasendo.Iidu-yu, which springs up from the age of Jindai, boasts abundant hot water of 6000 liters per minute even today.This facility has a total of four outdoor baths, one for men and women, and one for indoor baths and one for men and women. All of these baths are the legend of the goddess Yasaka Tomenokami, the deity of Suwa Taisha We draw the source of "Wata-no-yu" derived from."Wata" (cotton) the name of "Wata" (cotton) means, the source of the spring quality that is soft and gentle to the skin is used luxuriously.You can use the outdoor bath by charter, so please relax and enjoy with your family, couple and friends.

Part 3:Hospitality"A tradition from the time of foundation that values contact with customers"

  • Gingetsu, we value the heart of “Japanese” and sincerely treat our guests so that they can relax and relax.
    In the hall on the 1st floor, we have Matsumoto Mingei Furniture.Feel the comfortableness of the Matsumoto Mingei Furniture chairs in the relaxing atmosphere of the hot spring sanatorium.

Part 4:Breakfast"Shinshu rice, wholeheartedly served"

  • Breakfast

    An important food to make everyone's healthy body.Breakfast is particularly important.With that in mind, we offer Shinshu rice and a "majikinori" breakfast.Beans = beans, sesame = seeds, wakame = seaweeds, yasai = vegetables, fish = seafood, shiitake = mushrooms, potato = potato A well-balanced meal that incorporates various types of food.We want you to start your day with a refreshing breakfast that is gentle on your body.

Part 5:Townscape"Nakasendo hot spring post town where you can meet the shrine where the Nakasendo and Koshu Kaido meet"

  • Shimosuwa is a hot spring post town because it is a large shrine where Koshu Kaido and Nakasendo meet.It is also the Monzenmachi of Monzenmachi where all the head offices of Suwa Shrine in Japan are located.The Gingetsu of Honjin also around, Hatago, Chaya, such as with Banya mark, it remains heavily the taste of the former post town.In less than a minute on foot, there is the Aotsuka Tomb, a 6th-century front-rear tumulus.If you walk out of the hotel and take a leisurely walk, you can enjoy the cityscape where the past and present are mixed together.I would like you to enjoy the walks of the old town as well as visiting one of the oldest shrines in the country, Suwa Shrine Shonosha (main shrine and Maenmu), shrine (Akitomi / Shunsuke).