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Five passions

I will show you the charm of the hotel

Meal"Gingetsu's pride, which used to be a restaurant"

  • Using ingredients nurtured by the climate of Shinshu, such as those from the mountains, those from the river, and various seasonal agricultural products, Shinshu Fuji (the body and soil are not two things, the human body and the land where humans live) We use local ingredients as much as possible based on the idea that we are one and cannot be separated even if we cut it, so it is better to eat locally.We hope that you will enjoy the rich flavor nurtured by the climate.Please enjoy the dishes with hearty taste from selection of ingredients to a dish.
    To add color to your meal, we also offer a selection of local sake, mainly Japanese sake from 9 breweries in Suwa Region, so please enjoy it.

    ※The menu changes once every half a month according to the material of the season.

Hot Springs"Myth and legendary bath"

  • Gingetsu, where Shimosuwa is located, is the confluence of Nakasendo and Koshu Kaido, and has prospered as the only hot spring post town on Nakasendo, Suwa shuku.It is a traditional hot spring area that has healed the fatigue of travelers who come and go both now and in the past.Iidu-yu, which springs up from the age of Jindai, boasts abundant hot water of 6000 liters per minute even today.This facility has a total of four baths: an open-air bath for men and women, and an indoor bath for men and women Suwa Taisha The source of the "Wata- Wata-no-yu ball was moistened with hot water and brought to this place.As the name of "Wata" (cotton) suggests, we use a luxurious free-flowing hot spring source that is soft and gentle on the skin.You can use the outdoor bath by charter, so please relax and enjoy with your family, couple and friends.

Hospitality"A tradition from the time of foundation that values contact with customers"

  • At Gingetsu, we cherish the spirit of "harmony" and strive to provide sincere hospitality so that our guests can relax and unwind.
    Please contact us for information on nearby recommended tourist attractions, nearby restaurants, recommended restaurants and spots that you know because you live locally.

    In the hall on the 1st floor, there are western furniture for Japanese people, as well as the furniture of "Matsumoto Mingei Furniture, " which was founded by Mr. Sanshiro Ikeda, who deeply sympathized with the "folk art movement" initiated by Soetsu Yanagi and others. We are here.Feel the comfort of sitting and using Matsumoto Mingei Furniture chairs in the relaxing air.

Breakfast"Shinshu rice, wholeheartedly served"

  • Breakfast

    An important food to make everyone's healthy body.Breakfast is particularly important.With that in mind, we offer Shinshu rice and a "majikinori" breakfast."Magowa Yasashii" means beans = beans, sesame = nuts and seeds, wakame = seaweeds, yasai = vegetables, fish = seafood, and shiitake mushrooms = mushrooms. , Imo = A well-balanced meal that has been eaten by the people of this area since ancient times.We want you to start your day with a refreshing breakfast that is gentle on your body.

Townscape"Nakasendo hot spring post town where you can meet the shrine where the Nakasendo and Koshu Kaido meet"

  • Shimosuwa. "Koshu Kaido and hot springs where the Koshu Highway and Nakasendo Nakasendo meet"It is also Monzenmachi where Suwa Shrine, the headquarters of Suwa Taisha shrines all over Japan, is enshrined.Around the hotel, Gingetsu, you can still feel the atmosphere of the old post town with Honjin, inns, teahouses, ruins of a banya, and alleyways.In less than a minute on foot, there is the Aotsuka Tomb, a 6th-century front-rear tumulus.If you walk out of the hotel and take a leisurely walk, you can enjoy the cityscape where the past and present are mixed together.We hope that you will enjoy walking around the good old townscape while visiting one of the oldest Shrine in Japan, Suwa Taisha, Kamiyashiro (Hongu, Mae-miya), and Shimosha (Akimiya, Harumiya).