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Hot Springs

  • The fragrance of hinoki, the unbearable flow, loose, delicate like cotton, hot spring of hot spring

    Please close your eyes soaked in Wata-no-yu of Wata-no-yu keeps cheerfully watching from ancient times far away.

    You can feel the history with your skin.
    Hot Spring Qualities
    Mild acidity·Sulfate fountain·Colorless transparent

    14 kinds of effects
    Neuralgia·muscle pain·Arthralgia·Frozen·Motor paralysis·Coldness·Chronic gastrointestinal disease·Arteriosclerosis·Recovery period after illness·Fatigue recovery period·Hemorrhoid·Chronic skin disease·Chronic lady disease·Frail constitution

Shimosuwa Onsen, Myth of Wata-no-yu

  • "Yudama legend" -The beginning of Wata-no-yu

    There is a myth that has been passed down about the hot Wata-no-yu."
    One day, the goddess residing in Suwa Taisha Kamisha made a "yudama" out of cotton soaked in hot water, which she always uses, and took it to Suwa Taisha Shimosha Akimiya of the Lower Suwa Taisha Shrine.

    At that moment, hot water dripped from the cotton wool the goddess was holding, and the water fell onto the earth, causing hot springs to gush forth from Kamisuwa to Shimosuwa.

    And finally, when the goddess arrived at Suwa Taisha Shimosha,
    It is said that the place where he left his cotton is the current source of the `` Wata-no-yu'' source.The sacred hot spring waters that have been bubbling away since the Age of the Gods have soothed all who bathe in them, both in the past and today.

    Also, since Wata-no-yu is a sacred spring brought by the gods, there is a legend that if a person with a bad heart enters the spring, the water will become muddy.This legend is about the "clear and muddy water outlet," which is counted as one of the Seven Wonders of Suwa Taisha and Shimosha.

    On the morning of New Year's Day, the Suwa Taisha Wata-no-yu Ceremony at the source of Wata-no-yu, to celebrate the blessings of the hot springs brought by the gods.

Outdoor bath, Shogetsu-no-yu(Men)·, Tsukifune-no-yu (Women's bath)

  • Open Air Bath, Matsukaze-no-yu【Men's】

    Gingetsu the name of Gingetsu proud open-air bath "Wata-no-yu" suggests, it is a hot spring with a very soft spring quality that flows Gingetsu the source.
  • Open Air Bath, Tsukifune-no-yu【for women】

    The sunshine and the moonlight slightly enter.
    Here is the place where you can calm down the sound of the water that you hear from the next Taeba, do not care.
  • Bathing in a stylish outdoor bath

    Koisatsu to use a Koisatsu

    Koisatsu your Koisatsu one by one in hot water and let go of your hand.Koisatsu rises up.When your love 's destination goes out to the Kurogane-yaki-jizo-sama"Kurogane-yaki-jizo-sama", Kurogane-yaki-jizo-sama, Kurogane-yaki-jizo-sama your future.

Luxurious natural hot spring large communal bath that you can enjoy until check-out

  • The men's public bath is modeled after the obsidian excavated by the people of the Jomon period and the mountain and forest of the Hoshigato Ruins where the obsidian was dug.The `` Wata-no-yu Yu'' source, which originates from the legend of the goddess, has a different feeling after taking a bath.
    It's forever warm.
  • A large public bath for women using the `` Wata-no-yu'' source, which originates from the legend of the goddess.Many customers like the fact that they feel moist after taking a bath.
    You can take a bath for 24 hours.
  • ·Men's and women's open-air baths are separated by gender from 15:00 to 20:00 and from 6:00 am to 9:30 am.

    【Private outdoor bath available for private use from 20 pm to 23 pm.】
    ·Please use it as a private bath from 20:00 to 23:00.
    ·Please enjoy bathing with your family, couple, friends, etc.
    ·When using, please put a wooden tag on the door of the outdoor bath, please be sure to lock from inside.
    [30 minutes ¥500(tax included) ※Only customers who have reserved the space can take pictures during the reserved time. Take the impressive open-air bath to SNS as a memory... 】
     (In addition, there is a wooden tag for private use at the front desk, so please be sure to receive it before entering.)
    ·After using the private outdoor bath, please also return the wooden card to the front desk for those who will use it later.
    ·We are setting charter time for each bath so that visitors can fully enjoy Shimosuwa's hot springs, but we would appreciate it if we could consider other customers as well.
  • 【Safe bathing point】

    ·Information on safe bathing
    ·It is very dangerous after drinking alcohol, and avoid bathing immediately after eating.
    ·Let's gradually get used to hot water and gradually get used to hot water temperature.(I will sprinkle the water from the lower body to the upper body.) Sometimes hot springs in this area may be very hot due to seasons and changes in precipitation.As the open-air bath is fresh, water cannot be added.Thank you for your understanding.
    ·Avoid getting deep into the neck as much as possible, let's put out your shoulders.(If it is cold, apply a towel to the shoulder etc.)
    ·Let's not rise suddenly when going up from the bath.
    ·Let's wipe the water droplets well to prevent molten ice.
    ·Let's indispensable for hydration.
    ·If you are feeling sick during bathing, or if you see such a person please contact the front desk.
  • 【Shampoo/Conditioner/Enjoy something that is friendly to people and the environment.】
    Passionate hair and body care products are available in the women's public bath.
    Please enjoy the "PROVISCIA" series line of pelican soaps, which contain essential oils made by perfumers in Grasse, the home of perfume in southern France.
    We also have Spica Coco's whole body shampoo, which is gentle on the skin of atopic people and does not burden the global environment.
    After taking a bath, please enjoy the skin care series "Coola Nature" made by Yomeishu Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is familiar with Yomeishu.
    We have a lineup of nature-oriented products that enhance the effects of hot springs.
  • 【Information on a day-trip hot spring】
    Reception hours, from 11:30 am to 3 pm (Available time until 4 p.m.)
    Adult 1000 yen
    Elementary school student 500 yen
    ※Depending on the situation of the banquet etc., we may refuse the day trip.Please note.

    【Private Open Air Bath】
    Reception hours 11:00 am to 2:00 pm(Available time is until 3:00 pm)
    4,000 yen per group (up to 2-3 people as a guideline for the number of people in the bath) Additional charges will be incurred if the number of people exceeds that.Reservations can be made at the link below.(Telephone reservation is not possible)

    You can make online reservations from Jalan