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Corona virus protection

  • Declaration of new corona countermeasures "Please cooperate with everyone"

    Regarding the new coronavirus infectious disease, the infection is still spreading all over the world.In addition, with infected people being found in Japan, it is very important for each of us to take appropriate actions and to trust and cooperate with each other in order to protect the lives of our important people.

    This Suwa Region has a Onbashira Festival called Onbashira Festival, which is said to have been held before the Heian period.
    It is a big festival once every seven years to carry a tree more than 200 years old, a tree 20 years in length, and a weight of 3 tons to the Suwa Taisha with the power of more than 3000 people.
    If more than 3000 pullers combine their feelings and power into one, the pillars will not move a millimeter.At the Obashira Onbashira Festival, the Obashira tree singing song is sung by the Omote Onbashira Festival to bring together the hearts of the Onbashira Festival.There is a passage in this traditional tree-growing song, "I ask for your cooperation and cooperation."
    Shimosuwa Onsen Ryokan Association the inn that belongs to the Shimosuwa Onsen Ryokan Association and the union, we will do our utmost to prevent infection and provide hospitality that supports a new lifestyle.At the same time, we ask all customers who visit us to take care of their normal physical condition management, and we ask them to write down their physical condition report "Request for cooperation agreement".Just inn and customers both, in the "Come on in everybody cooperation agreement" spirit of Onbashira Festival, is intended that it will make up together the better your trip.
  • Gingetsu and Shimosuwa Onsen Ryokan Association are working on the following as countermeasures against new corona infectious diseases.

    • Hold a study session on corona infection prevention for employees.
    • We will create and implement an infection prevention countermeasure manual.
    • We will thoroughly manage the physical condition such as the temperature of employees.
    • Serving customers with a mask on.
    • At check-in, avoid face-to-face contact with partition boards, etc., and carry out temperature measurements and personal identification/interview cards for all customers.
    • Install rubbing alcohol at the entrance/restaurant.
    • We will set up a bulletin board on the site where customers can see, which describes the measures to prevent infection, and implement measures.
    • Perform frequent ventilation in the facility and disinfect touch points.
    • We will provide meals with sufficient distance.
    • We will limit the number of people and time at shared facilities such as baths and restaurants.
    • We ask guests during their stay to report to the property if they have a temperature above 37.5C and are unwell.The property will promptly seek medical attention at the request of the guest.
    • Make a note of which employee responded to the above customer and pay particular attention to any subsequent physical condition.