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Things to do

Welcome! To another house! The Gingetsu will help you to make your stay a memorable one

Recommended way to spend

Here are some recommended ways to spend the night on a two-day night in Shimosuwa Gingetsu.
  • (Day 1) Enjoy walking in the streets Townscape and hot spring tour

    The day of your arrival, please enjoy the Burarito explore the surroundings Gingetsu before check-in. Suwa Taisha Shisha Akira and Harumiya, visit the stone Buddha of Manji, "Good luck in the building Good luck" "Nippon Sankyo music box memorial Suwane" "Shimosuwa now in the museum Ideya" and so on How about feeling the origin of "making things"?

    If your stomach is empty, go for a luncheon specialty of Shinshu such as soba and eel.It is good to put a breath at the cafe.Please enjoy the hot spring to your heart's content in the public baths tour with a taste after check-in.

    • The Head of Suwa Taisha of Suwa Shrine spread across the country.Recently it is popular as one of the best power spots in Japan.

      Suwa Taisha Shimosha Akimiya Gingetsu youth service manager to guide you

      If you wish, the young service manager will guide you to the Asamikesai"Asamikesai" to give offerings to the gods who will perform in Shimosha Akimiya. (1,500 yen/person with souvenir)
      It takes about 45 minutes to depart at 5:45 in the morning before breakfast.Please inquire at the time of reservation.
      ※We may correspond according to the seasons.
    • Koyu was known as a hot spring blessed with a koba since ancient times

      Explore the three hot springs where you can enjoy three public baths

      Yusen House Koyu, Tanga-no-yu Hot Spring and Shinto Hot Springs are selling affordable Sanyu tour tickets (700 yen).
  • (Day 2) Shimosuwa using bicycles and tour of the surrounding places

    It is convenient if you use bicycle to highlight such as Lake Suwa Geyser Center Suwa Lake a little distance to walk, footbath around Kami-Suwa Station, Lake Suwa Geyser Center.

    In addition, there are many art TAIZI HARADA ART MUSEUM such as the Kitazawa Museum of Art, which Harmo Museum glass artefacts of the Art Nouveau period in France, Harmo Museum Kitazawa Museum of Art and TAIZI HARADA ART MUSEUM Harmo Museum of Art on the lake. Why do not you spend some time listening to art while feeling the lakeside wind.

    • ※※I will put it in later※※

      Information on rental cycle

      JR Shimo-Suwa Station accept at "In front of Shimo-Suwa Station Tomonomachi Parking Lot" signal signal Tomonomachi Parking Lot 3 minutes on foot from JR Shimo-Suwa Station.
      A 2-minute walk from the hotel, "Shimosuwa Konjakukan Oideya" is also available.
  • Enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature while enjoying the drive

    From being touched in nature, such as the specified Yashimagahara Marsh go about 45 minutes by car to Kirigamine Plateau and national natural monument is also a feature of Shimosuwa

    • Early summer marsh, rare shoelg eogael's singing voice to the ear

      Kirigamine Plateau tourist information

      Kirigamine Plateau seasonal alpine plants meet at the Kirigamine Plateau. You can also view Mt Fuji, the Alps, and Mt Yatsugatake.
      Lake Shirakaba is also recommended to use the Venus Line, which offers easy access to Lake Shirakaba, Kurumayama Plateau, and Utsukushigahara. Please enjoy various plants and flowers every season.
  • Shimosuwa to Okaya - Kamisuwa, Chino, visiting sake breweries

    There are a number of brewing in the Suwa Region, Okaya and Kamisuwa, Koten you wait your feet up Chino, Miwatari, Reijin, Honkin, Yokobue, Masumi, Maihime, there is a wine cellar, such as Daiya Kiku

    • All the warehouses of 9 stores of sake barrels and Suwa dedicated to the precincts are preserved

      Suwa no Kuramoto

      Try drinking around each sake brewery and try finding your favorite stocks.
  • Visit history related land

    Many of the remains and historical spot until the old leading to the Jomon Era Edo, including the Suwa Taisha in Suwa is.
    Also meet you in the Kamen no Megami (masked goddess) and clay figures of national treasure Jomon Venus at the nearby Aotsuka Tomb Yamada Chino Togariishi Museum of Jomon Archaeology you wait your feet up.
    • Onbashira Festival, length 17 m, diameter 1 m or more, a big tree of fir is descending at a Kiotoshi-zaka Slope at once

      Onbashira Festival

      Japanese Best Three Famous Eccentric Festivals is known as one tree drop of the hill and Suwa Taisha anecdotes of faith Shingen Takeda was thicker to the Suwa Taisha of Onbashira Festival remains Shochi River, Takashima Castle which was called the Floating Castle in Suwa Edo period of active in the tumultuous period was Sekihotai (red vanguard) the led was Sozo Sagara demise land of Sakigakezuka (grave) Sagarazuka (grave), etc., etc.···
      There is not much more to it.

      ◆◆◆Well, the young service manager of the hotel loves history.Please do not hesitate to contact us about the recommended history course.◆◆◆